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Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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You probably have a home that was constructed in the 60s or 70s if the ceiling of your house looks like it is covered in bumps or ridges. Unfortunately, this style presents a high risk of accumulating dust, aside from becoming outdated for many years. However, these aren’t the only reasons you should think about hiring an expert popcorn ceiling removal service.  

Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of getting rid of your popcorn ceiling and why hiring a professional textured ceiling removal Toronto, ON company is your best bet, 

Should You Hire an Expert? 

Getting rid of the popcorn material is the only way that you are going to be able to design the ceiling. For those who don’t know, popcorn ceiling removal is an overwhelming task that you shouldn’t handle by yourself. The labor required to get rid of the material is going to take more than one person. This is particularly true if you’ve got a huge ceiling. Having several sets of hands can make the process a lot easier and faster.  

There is a high possibility that drywall is sitting behind the ceiling. This means that you will damage easily the drywall in the process if you do not know how to exactly get rid of the popcorn material. In addition to that, it is very crucial to get the ceiling tested for lead and asbestos. For those who don’t know, these chemicals are extremely toxic and harmful to you and your family’s health.  

You lower the exposure to these chemicals if you’ve got an expert removing the popcorn ceiling. You still have no idea if these chemicals are inside the ceiling. Furthermore, you will not have to tackle the problem of toxic chemicals when you least expect it if the ceiling were to be damaged. This is particularly crucial if you’ve got kids living in your house.  

Getting Rid of Popcorn Ceilings 

You will immediately learn that styling a popcorn ceiling is hard to achieve if you are the kind of individual to redecorate frequently. However, after you remove the ceiling, you can paint it whatever design or color you want without having to worry about the material affecting the design. 

Fixing the ceiling can be a difficult job if it becomes damaged in any way. With popcorn ceilings, replacing parts of the ceiling isn’t simple since looking for the right color and texture is hard. You can always guarantee that your ceiling will appear inconsistent after the repairs are done. The entire ceiling will require replacing for complete uniformity.  

Also, you will immediately learn that cleaning a popcorn ceiling of cobwebs and dust is challenging when the deep cleaning season finally arrives. Piece and bits of the ceiling falling onto the floor and forcing you to clean for a long period isn’t something that you should have to address later down the line.  

Replacing the ceiling does not have to be hard if you’ve got a professional popcorn ceiling removal company to help you. They’ve got all the tools and knowledge required to properly remove the ceiling.  

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