Facts You Might Not Know About Your Dog

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Dogs can be so adorable, and this alone makes all the reasons why we need to keep them around the house.  

If you are a mother of a father of a dog or two, you think you already know a lot of things about them, their favorite snack, their favorite toy, their b-day, and even their peculiar thing that makes them adorable and cute. We understand this, as you have spent years with them, feeding with their favorite food to grooming them regularly either through mobile pet grooming Ann Arbor or by yourself. But here is the thing, you still probably do not know some things about them!  

So, here, we will be going share with you the ten facts about dogs that you probably do not know yet.  

1.Your dog is either right or left paw dominant – humans are known to have two hemispheres of the brain. And a person can either be right-minded and left-minded. This means that the person is more inclined to the other side of the brain and all of its lateralized functions. This also goes with dogs. If your dog is left dominant, this means the right brain is more at work and the other way around.  

2. Their nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints – each dog has its own distinct nose patterns like how humans do.  

3.A-year-old dog can be as mature as a 15-year old human – dogs age faster than humans and this makes them more mature than us. One year to us is equivalent to seven years for dogs.  

4.Puppies are born without hearing, teeth, and sight – if you have not experienced seeing puppies from the day they were born, you will not resonate with this. However, if you have female dogs at home that regularly bear offspring, then you can relate with this! Puppies are born without sight, hearing, and teeth, and this is why they look more of a teddy bear rather than a puppy. If you start noticing, their eyes are completely close as well as their ears.  

5.They have a sense of time – this can be observed when you have gone away for so long and they greet you with enthusiasm because they know how long you have been away.  

6.They can hear over three times more than we do – dogs hearing range is from 55 Hz to 79 kHz while humans’ range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This makes the dog listening rate up to three to four times stronger than humans.  

7. Canines show dominance by putting their limb over the animals – naturally, dogs are pack animals and some of them are born to lead.  

8.Apple seeds, grapes, and raisins are dangerous for dogs – this food will raise toxicity in your dog’s body, which can lead to harmful effects, even death.  

So, those are the top 8 facts you probably do not know about your dogs. We hope you enjoy your reading time and that you get to appreciate your dog more. Share this article with your friends and family!  

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